lunedì 6 maggio 2013

Frithland's debut albums out now

Solar Quantum, an  independent electronic music label, is glad to present Frithland’s debut albums, “Ascending” and “Driven Dreams”.

Frithland is a one man band from Liverpool. Thanks to his parents, he has been interested in music since he was a child. During his childhood he started to listen to artists such as Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Vangelis, Pink Floyd. Then he discovered musicians like William Orbit and Orbital: their songs contributes to make him passionate about electronic music. He attended the Community College in Liverpool, where he learnt music theory, composition, bass and keyboard.  After that he studied popular music for 3 years at the University of Liverpool. Frithland plays: bass guitar, guitar, flute and keyboard. After playing with different bands he decided to start a solo carrier.

Both his albums and his music are inspired by one of Frithland’s favourite artist: Jean Michael Jarre.
The album “Ascending” is inspired by sci-fi movies and games, and this inspiration is particularly expressed in the tracks “Ascending” and “Primed Adagio”.  “Warped” is meant as a dance track. While “Lilly”,  dedicated to the artist’s grandmother, is the only track of the album which include bass guitar and flute. “Gone too soon” has been written in memory of his nephew, who passed away prematurely.  Track “Gaia”  has been named after the synthesizer used for the pulse which starts the piece. 
The album “Driven Dreams” is titled for the need to drive ones dreams and never give up. Again like in “Ascending”, the space and sci-fi fantasy theme is continued, especially with tracks such as “Orbit”, “Nebulous”, “Off World” and “Celeste”.  “Sefton Park Abstract” was part of a video footage Frithland shot for a University project at Sefton Park in Liverpool . “Water Gate” was originally wrote for his son in 1996. “Artifact” is dedicated to the writing of Graham Hancock who wrote, among others, the book “The Fingerprints of the Gods”.
“Ascending” and “Driven Dreams” are  two wonderful albums that reinvent the sounds of electronic music in a whole new way.
“Ascending” and “Driven Dreams” are now available for sale and streaming in the best online shops and music website worldwide.




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