giovedì 9 agosto 2012

Il singolo di Gaemi è disponibile online

Linea Special, etichetta Italiana di musica pop, è lieta di presentare “Jesys “, il nuovo singolo di Gaemi.
Jesys è un brano pop-rock cantato in inglese, ricco di sonorità che spaziano dal pop italiano fino a quello più internazionale. Jesys è un brano che si distingue per l’orecchiabilità e la sua carica rock, e per la voce di Gaemi, in grado di creare un binomio perfetto tra musica e testo.
Grazie a Linea Special “Jesys” è disponibile in download nei migliori negozi digitali del mondo.

Nuovo EP per Jeb

Linea Special, etichetta pop Italiana, è lieta di presentare “Opera Prima” il nuovo EP di Jeb.                       
Jeb è un’artista con alle spalle anni di esperienza nel mondo della musica. Le sue doti da compositore e autore sono ben evidenti, specialmente nel suo ultimo lavoro “Opera Prima”. L’EP contiene due brani, “Senza più Angeli” e “Viaggiando”; due ballate dolci e romantiche ma non per questo prive di grinta, in pieno stile Pop Italiano. “Opera Prima” è una piccola perla per gli appassionati del genere, assolutamente da scoprire.
Grazie a Linea Special “Opera Prima” è ora disponibile in download in tutti i maggiori negozi digitali del mondo.

lunedì 6 agosto 2012

Die Entweihung: "At the Bottom"

Die Entweihung is a young one man band from Israel, where he moved 9 years ago, but he never forgets is motherland Byelorussia.
He started to play in 2007; by now, he has released 2 demos and 3 albums. The last one is "At the Bottom" which has just been released by the Italian label This Winter Will Last Forever.
"At the bottom" has a strong black metal nature but it also explores a wide range of shades within the genre. It contains two covers:“She’s Lost Control” by Joy Division and the other is “Sign of Wolf” from the Belorussian metal band Apraxia. Major relevance is given to musical instruments instead of the vocal part, which appears like a whisper of sorrow and pain in the background. The beautiful cover of the album is an artwork appositely created by the German artist Martin Lang. Listening to this album, you'll perceive not only the artist's pain and his troubled soul but also his evolution as a musician and the willing to explore and create new and always different projects.
Thanks to This Winter Will Last Forever, "At The Bottom" is now available on CD and for download in the major e-stores.

Necrosadik's new album

Necrosadik's 7th album brings us back to those lonely and creepy lands that he's been exploring
from few years now.
The one man-band from Mexico is back and is now returning with "Casket of Pain", 80 minutes of desperation inside is controversial mind.
Minimalist sounds and gnawing screams are the main characteristic of the album.
Necrosadik has his very own concept and approach to Black Metal music and you can easily notice in all his project and "Casket of Pain" is no exception.
The album is available in the major digital stores, also you can find a special Cd edition packed in an elegant dvd slim case, this has been made possible by This Winter Will Last Forever.

mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

F.O.O.K.'s new EP

Solar Quantum is pleased to announce the release of ”Motionless” F.O.O.K. ‘s new Ep.
F.O.O.K., which stands for Feelings Out Of Kontrol, is an American dj based in Houston, Texas. His new EP contains seven tracks which are a mix between House, Progressive and Dubstep music. This amazing melting pot of influences creates an innovative musical product that makes “Motionless” a little gem within the Dance music genre. You’d better get a copy, especially if you want to add some beat to your dancing night!

Thanks to Solar Quantum “Motionless” is now available for download in the major online stores worldwide.

The Providence's new Horror Rock Album

The Italian Rock Label Audio Ferox is proud to announce the coming out of “Horror Music Made in Hell”, The Providence’s new album.

The Providence is a one man band from Sardinia, active since 2008. His main influences are artists such as Goblin and Death SS. The Providence’s music is a tribute to his favorite genre of movies: horror. That’s why his songs develop around horror movie samples.

“Horror Music Made in Hell” is structured in 15 tracks of pure Horror Rock, among which “We Eat You At Midnight”is a collaboration with the pianist Luca Alfieri and “Chains of Death”, a cover of Death SS. “Horror Music Made In Hell” is a very interesting and surprising album, able to recreate atmospheres and feelings of an horror movie.

Thanks to Audio Ferox “ Horror Music Made in Hell” is now available on cd at the following link and for download in the major online stores worldwide.

Dominus Morti's New Album

Dominus Morti is an American one-man band. His first demo was realeased in 2010; then, he started working on a new project, an EP. After signing with the Italian metal label This Winter Will Last Forever, he decided to merge his demo with the Ep in what will end up being his first full length album, ”Enclaves of Magic and Chaos”.
You can easily tell that Dominus Morti is an underground black metal artist by the sounds of his record, so rough and raw.
Tracks recall of mystics and dark atmospheres. The artist’s harsh and raucous voice is full of ache and agony.
The artist main intention is to create original black metal music, in the good old fashioned way, and that’s the reason why why the sounds are so bare and edgy.
“Enclaves of Magic and Chaos” it’s a real gem for people who are fond of the genre, so... you'd better not miss it!
Thanks to This Winter Will Last Forever, “Enclaves of Magic and Chaos” is now available on downloading in the major online stores worldwide.


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