lunedì 6 agosto 2012

Die Entweihung: "At the Bottom"

Die Entweihung is a young one man band from Israel, where he moved 9 years ago, but he never forgets is motherland Byelorussia.
He started to play in 2007; by now, he has released 2 demos and 3 albums. The last one is "At the Bottom" which has just been released by the Italian label This Winter Will Last Forever.

"At the bottom" has a strong black metal nature but it also explores a wide range of shades within the genre. It contains two covers:“She’s Lost Control” by Joy Division and the other is “Sign of Wolf” from the Belorussian metal band Apraxia. Major relevance is given to musical instruments instead of the vocal part, which appears like a whisper of sorrow and pain in the background. The beautiful cover of the album is an artwork appositely created by the German artist Martin Lang. Listening to this album, you'll perceive not only the artist's pain and his troubled soul but also his evolution as a musician and the willing to explore and create new and always different projects.
Thanks to This Winter Will Last Forever, "At The Bottom" is now available on CD and for download in the major e-stores.

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