mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

Dominus Morti's New Album

Dominus Morti is an American one-man band. His first demo was realeased in 2010; then, he started working on a new project, an EP. After signing with the Italian metal label This Winter Will Last Forever, he decided to merge his demo with the Ep in what will end up being his first full length album, ”Enclaves of Magic and Chaos”.
You can easily tell that Dominus Morti is an underground black metal artist by the sounds of his record, so rough and raw.
Tracks recall of mystics and dark atmospheres. The artist’s harsh and raucous voice is full of ache and agony.
The artist main intention is to create original black metal music, in the good old fashioned way, and that’s the reason why why the sounds are so bare and edgy.
“Enclaves of Magic and Chaos” it’s a real gem for people who are fond of the genre, so... you'd better not miss it!
Thanks to This Winter Will Last Forever, “Enclaves of Magic and Chaos” is now available on downloading in the major online stores worldwide.

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