martedì 31 luglio 2012

"Onion": Badpuns' New Album

Badpuns is an Italian grunge band formed near Salerno more than 10 years
ago. After a few years of activity, the band split up because of the
constant changing of the members. But now, they’ve decided to try again
with “Onion”, Badpuns’ first full length album, released by the Italian
Rock label Audio Ferox.

“Onion” contains 13 tracks that take you back to the grunge music of the
90s’, enriched with more contemporary sounds. The album comes to life
after more than 10 years of friendship and personal growth, and it
constitutes the best synthesis of the story of the band.

Thanks to Audio Ferox “Onion” is now available on download in the major
online stores worldwide.

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