martedì 31 luglio 2012

Nekromorphine's New Album

Nekromorphine, a one-man band from Portugal active since October 2009, is now
publishing his first full length album called “Senseless Ecstasy” under the
Italian metal label This Winter Will Last Forever. The album contains 6 tracks
that goes from pure black metal to ambient and avant guard metal. The sounds are
original and never boring, and this is what makes a difference with the stereotype
of common metal bands.

  His smooth, intense and angry voice goes perfectly along with the instrument’s
sounds, creating creepy fantasy atmospheres. This album is worth to be listen to,
especially if you like to find out something new and fresh within the genre.

  “Senseless Ecstasy” is now available in  CD and on download in the majors
online stores thanks to This Winter Will Last Forever.

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