mercoledì 1 agosto 2012

The Providence's new Horror Rock Album

The Italian Rock Label Audio Ferox is proud to announce the coming out of “Horror Music Made in Hell”, The Providence’s new album.

The Providence is a one man band from Sardinia, active since 2008. His main influences are artists such as Goblin and Death SS. The Providence’s music is a tribute to his favorite genre of movies: horror. That’s why his songs develop around horror movie samples.

“Horror Music Made in Hell” is structured in 15 tracks of pure Horror Rock, among which “We Eat You At Midnight”is a collaboration with the pianist Luca Alfieri and “Chains of Death”, a cover of Death SS. “Horror Music Made In Hell” is a very interesting and surprising album, able to recreate atmospheres and feelings of an horror movie.

Thanks to Audio Ferox “ Horror Music Made in Hell” is now available on cd at the following link and for download in the major online stores worldwide.

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